The Black Room from Gods Of Men

By | June 26, 2014

It’s been a little while since we have had a new movie from Gods Of Men, but here we’ve got The Black Room, and it features one of’s biggest cocks. This mighty meat is attached to the rather sexy Rafael Alencar who you might remember from ‘My neighbour’s son’, ‘The Limo Driver’ and ‘The Bodyguard.’ He tends to make one-off movies from the company rather than appearing in series, and so far he has made 23 appearances. That works out at just over 22 feet of cock on show, because Rafael sports at 11.5 inch monster, but that is only one of the reasons he is so popular. The others have to do with his looks, his body and his ability to pump out a magical hardcore scene every time.

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He is in the Black Room with a new guy, Saxon West. That’s a great name, Saxon has red hair and, well, Saxon looks, and he sports at eight and a half inch cut cock that stands out proud from his red, though here shaved, pubes. Like a lot of guys these days he has some tats, as does Rafael, and he is fit and chunky.

The scene starts off straight away, there is no build up to this new Gods Of Men fantasy. We are in a dark room and Saxon walks up to Rafael and they start kissing. I have to say, I have been in some back rooms in my time and this is one of the lighter dark/black/back rooms I’ve encountered, which is just as well as we get to see everything. Saxon is down on Rafael’s huge dick before you can say ‘swallow that length’ and he is more than able to satisfy the full length of it. The guys strip down and we pan out a little to reveal candles, the source of the light and the fact that this dark room resembles some kind of shrine; a shrine to the gods of men of course.

The guys start on the anal, with Rafael riming the cute ass of Saxon before teasing it with his cock. Saxon is clearly used to big and wide, though even so the force of that great cock opening up his hole makes him, and us, gasp as, at around 12 minutes in, the fuck session starts in earnest. There are some great moments where Rafael pulls out completely and then dives back into that ass again, and where Saxon’s smooth white butt is getting drilled from underneath. He is stroking his own impressive cock while he’s being fucked and eventually unloads his jizz onto Rafael’s body.

It’s all done with natural sound and that lends an atmosphere that’s intimate and sexy, though things do get slightly louder when Rafael empties his over-full nuts all over Saxon’s face. This red guy is going to be bottom to keep an eye on.

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