Jessy Dean together with Rafael Alencar and Vance Crawford

By | September 15, 2013

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Jesse Dean and Vance Crawford, both already pretty muscled, toned and hunky, are lifting weights together in the gym. A bit of mutual admiration takes place, more weights are lifted and then who should appear but Rafael Alencar and talk naturally turns to the size of his particular ‘other ‘muscle. But Rafael, being all man, is reluctant to show the other two guys what the fuss is all about. They want to see it, hell we all want to see it! And the other two take no time is playing I’ll show you mine if you show me yours. Soon the guys are measuring up.
But Rafael insists the other two get their cocks hard and so there are two seven and a half inch boners on display on the workout bench. Talk turns to more than just jerking yourself to get hard. In order to see Rafael’s huge cock, Jesse and Vance have to get down on each other’s’ meat. A bit of sucking and finally the monster 11.5 inch dick is out on display and three-way suck fest ensues. There’s some pretty wide-stretched mouths, some sore lips and aching jaws thanks to the girth of Rafael’s monster cock. And yet Jesse is still able to take two cock-heads in his mouth at once.

But it takes a very special ass to satisfy that huge, fat dick and. After being opened up a bit by Jesse’s solid shaft, Vance is ready to sit on the largest cock he’s ever encountered. It takes some stretching but soon that tight ass is getting battered hard by the incredible cock. Jesse takes his turn opening up his hole as the full 11.5 inches gets plunged inside. The guys finish their work out by giving Jesse a thick facial and cuming on his gaping wide asshole. You have to agree that in the end, all three guys measure up.

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