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Jizz Orgy’ brings you twenty five and a half inches worth of hard dick belonging to just four very horny and good looking guys. This is the fourth hardcore ‘Godfather’ episode made by bestgayporn.xxx.
We’ve all heard stories about the mafia, how bad they are, how the Godfather demands respect and above all everyone’s loyalty. Well, this thrilling series has a slightly different cum-filled slant for you. So sit back, undo your pants and get your cock in your hand, don’t bother with the hankies coz this is going to make you shoot your cum all over your body; it’s a shower you are going need.

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Rafael plays the Godfather in this series, and he’s been in twenty seven other flicks with MEN. His first movie with this company was back in August 2012 and it is called ‘Disturbing the Peace’, with Devon Moss. He is a versatile top a great body and a huge eleven and a half inch uncut dick, he is five foot eight with black hair and smouldering hazel eyes.
Brenner Bolton is a cute six foot versatile young man and has been in ten hardcore flicks with MEN. He has a six and a half inch uncut dick and has a sweet tasting tight, young asshole. He has short brown hair, hazel eyes and weighs 238 pounds.
This episode starts off with our guys in the same room all wearing suits and having a family meeting after the death of the nephew, who had planned to over throw the Godfather. The Godfather, Rafael , stands up and starts speaking about loyalty. He calls Roman up and Roman shows off his beautiful tight ass off to the rest in the room, Rafael tells them all that he proved his loyalty to him by giving up his ass. What would the others offer? The other two men stand up and kiss the ring on his hand.
Brenner Bolton looks into the Godfather’s eyes and gets down between his legs and takes Rafael’s eleven and a half inch dick into his mouth. He starts sucking his cock and manages to take the whole lot into his greedy little mouth. The others join in and they all kneel in front of Rafael and take turns sucking on their master’s big dick.
Rafael strips naked and orders his ‘family’ to get their pants down and kneel down with their tight asses towards him. They do as he says, and they lift up their suit jackets so that he can have a good look at them as they wait in eager anticipation.

Rafael gets behind Seth Santoro first and rims is asshole before everyone else’s. Seth moans out worth pleasure as he feels his tongue darting in and out of his tight hole. Rafael moves on to the other two and licks their asses until they drip with his spit.
The next scene is amazingly hot as Rafael lies down on a table Brenner sucks on his cock and Roman squats down behind him and eats out his asshole whilst Seth climbs up onto the table and sits down on Rafael’s face getting his own asshole rimmed even more by him. The room fills up with the sounds of excited men grunting with satisfying pleasure.

The fuck-fest starts and there is so much fucking of asses going on and in so many positions it has to be seen to be believed. Cum blasts everywhere at the very end with two great facials, and with cum-soaked, ravished bodies, and men kissing the hot spunk of each other’s good looking faces.
The ‘family’ is complete once more and the godfather is a happy man.
[Roman Todd has been is six flicks with Men.com and is a good looking young top with a seven inch cut cock. He is six foot one inch tall, has blonde hair and sky blue yes.
Seth Santoro is a hunky man full of muscle and this is his fifth flick for Men.com. He is a versatile man with a seven inch cut cock and has a tight firm ass. He has brown hair, brown eyes, is six foot one inch high and weighs 205 pounds.]

August 17th, 2015

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We all love the ‘Godfather’ movies. ‘Drill My Hole’ shows you a different side to what being a Godfather in the mafia could be all about, and it comes to us from gaypornstarstube.xxx of course. Being a Godfather means taking care of the family, making sure everyone is ok, and if they are not, it’s his job to help fix things. He demands respect and loyalty for making sure his family stay strong and wealthy thanks to him, but everything comes with a price for his help. The young men of the family have to do as he says or they are cast out. It comes in handy when you are young, fresh, and good looking and the Godfather is handsome and always horny. This gripping first episode of this hardcore series stars Seth Santoro and Rafael Alencar.

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Seth Santoro is the good looking Godson with an amazing body. He lives for his family; he respects them, and is loyal to them all. He has a big problem though; he wants justice after his brother has been wrongly accused of murder. The real culprit is the son of the Chief of Police, and he can’t get close enough to them to get his revenge. He has gone to his Godfather, Rafael Rafaelcar, to ask for his help. Rafael (The Godfather) takes his huge eleven and a half inch dick out of his pants and shows it to Seth. At the same time as he gives him an offer he can’t refuse. He tells Seth that he will do him this favour, but he has to show him his loyalty, Seth gets on his knees between Rafael’s legs and tells him it’d be an honour.
Seth looks at the huge cock right in front of his face; Rafael tells him to touch it, so he wraps his hand around it and slowly strokes it up and down, forcing the foreskin to roll over the thick ridge of his dickhead. Seth opens his hungry mouth and takes as much of it in his mouth as he can. He starts to suck it as Rafael takes his shirt off, showing off his wonderful, hard, muscular body.
Rafael gets Seth to kneel on top of an armchair and licks his smooth asshole. Seth moans in ecstasy as Rafael buries his tongue deep into his crack. Rafael smacks Seth’s hard ass making Seth moan out even louder.
Seth is then made to lie on his back and bring his knees up as far as possible until his asshole is facing the ceiling. Rafael gets between his legs again and carries on riming his wet ass for a while. He asks Seth if he’s ready to be a man and Seth replies, ‘Yes Godfather.’
With his ass still facing upwards towards the ceiling, Seth watches as his Godfather’s huge cock comes towards his wide open ass. He moans out as we watch every inch of Rafael’s big dick slip between those hard butt cheeks and invade, and stretch, his hole open even wider. Both men moan in unison as Rafael slides his cock in and out of Seth’s tight young crack.
They change positions and Rafael spoons his Godsons ass on the couch. Their panting gets quicker and deeper as Seth feels every inch of that big dick fucking his sweet ass. Seth Santoro can’t control himself any longer and grabbing his cock he jerks himself off and cums over his hot horny body.
Alencar gets Seth down between his legs for the last time as shoots streams of his hot spunk all over his Godson’s handsome face.
Seth has proved himself, and the story of justice can now begin.
Seth Santoro is pretty new to gaypornstarstube.xxx and has only been in one other flick as yet. This is ‘The Listener Part 3’, where he gets his tight ass fucked by Jarec Wentworth. He is a versatile young man with a seven inch cut cock. He is five foot eleven with brown hair, and innocent looking brown eyes.
Rafael has starred in twenty seven movies for gaypornstarstube.xxx, the most popular watched of his movies is ‘Prison Shower’, where over 168,000 of us saw Johnny Rapid getting his ass fucked by Rafael’s monster cock. Rafael is a versatile top with an amazing eleven and a half inch uncut cock. He is five foot eight inches tall and he has black hair and hazel eyes.

May 26th, 2015

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