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Drill My Hole’ shows you what it is like to make up after a big heated argument with your boyfriend, thanks to the great filming of Men and its good looking hunks. Rafael Alencar and Brendan Phillips make a great couple as they bounce around in the bedroom.
Brendan Phillips is a smooth blonde haired young man with a great body and innocent looking brown yes. He is only five foot five inches tall and he looks so sweet that you will just want to take him home with you. He has a seven inch cut dick and loves to have a cock, any cock fucking him up his super tight English asshole. Brendan has starred in ten hardcore flicks for Men so far, and over 30,000 of us watched him getting fucked in his school uniform in ‘Ivy League’ parts 1 and 3.

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Rafael Alencar is a slightly older man full of muscles and has a lovely eight and a half inch uncut cock. He is a versatile man who just loves sex. He has short cropped brown hair, brown eyes and is five foot seven inches tall. Rafael has starred in thirty flicks for a gay pay website and his most popular watched movie so far is ‘P.O.W.’ which ended up in a great orgy with jizz spurting everywhere.
This series starts off with both Brendan Phillips and Rafael Alencar both stark naked, their thick cocks dangling between their powerful legs as they are argue. It seems the end of their relationship but a little while later they start to make things a lot better as they make up on the couch.
Brendan leans forward and presses his lips hard against Rafael’s. Rafael feels his cock getting hard straight away and quickly pulls his pants down. Brendan can’t wait to get his eight and a half inch cock into his mouth so he gets down and as he feels the weight of Rafael’s ball sack in the palm of his warm hand he takes his cock into his mouth and starts sucking. Rafael lets out a soft sigh of excitement Brendan sucks him up and down. Rafael wants to pleas Brendan as well so h gets him to stand up so he can suck on his cock. Brendan leans forward and pinches Rafael small hard nipple as he gets his cock deep throated. Both men take it turns to suck on each other’s hard dicks until Brendan wants to get his slutty tight ass fucked.
Brendan gets on to his hands and knees on the couch and moans out softly at first as Rafael gets his asshole ready for his cock by licking his asshole all around its rim and then as deep inside as he can go. Brendan moans get a bit louder as Rafael slides his finger in and finger fucks his ass for a while, loosening it up all the time for him.
Brendan moans out loud now as Rafael plunges his cock deep up his ass and fucks him doggy style. Both of them moan out in unison as Rafael picks up his speed and just keeps ramming his cock in and out of that sweet tasting asshole of Brendan’s. It’s like they are on heat as they fuck hard and fast in all sorts of positions. Brendan Phillips shouts out with a final cry of pleasure as he sits on top of Rafael Alencar’s cock as his cock throbs and he spills his cum onto the floor in front of him. Rafael stands up and sends louds of boiling spunk shooting down over Brendan’s young smooth chest.
After their passionate love making the argument starts and finishes with Rafael throwing Brendan out of the house.
A great passionate start to a brand new series by Men.com and I can’t wait to see what happens next in this room in Madrid.

September 30th, 2016

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Jizz Orgy’ brings you twenty five and a half inches worth of hard dick belonging to just four very horny and good looking guys. This is the fourth hardcore ‘Godfather’ episode made by bestgayporn.xxx.
We’ve all heard stories about the mafia, how bad they are, how the Godfather demands respect and above all everyone’s loyalty. Well, this thrilling series has a slightly different cum-filled slant for you. So sit back, undo your pants and get your cock in your hand, don’t bother with the hankies coz this is going to make you shoot your cum all over your body; it’s a shower you are going need.

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Rafael plays the Godfather in this series, and he’s been in twenty seven other flicks with MEN. His first movie with this company was back in August 2012 and it is called ‘Disturbing the Peace’, with Devon Moss. He is a versatile top a great body and a huge eleven and a half inch uncut dick, he is five foot eight with black hair and smouldering hazel eyes.
Brenner Bolton is a cute six foot versatile young man and has been in ten hardcore flicks with MEN. He has a six and a half inch uncut dick and has a sweet tasting tight, young asshole. He has short brown hair, hazel eyes and weighs 238 pounds.
This episode starts off with our guys in the same room all wearing suits and having a family meeting after the death of the nephew, who had planned to over throw the Godfather. The Godfather, Rafael , stands up and starts speaking about loyalty. He calls Roman up and Roman shows off his beautiful tight ass off to the rest in the room, Rafael tells them all that he proved his loyalty to him by giving up his ass. What would the others offer? The other two men stand up and kiss the ring on his hand.
Brenner Bolton looks into the Godfather’s eyes and gets down between his legs and takes Rafael’s eleven and a half inch dick into his mouth. He starts sucking his cock and manages to take the whole lot into his greedy little mouth. The others join in and they all kneel in front of Rafael and take turns sucking on their master’s big dick.
Rafael strips naked and orders his ‘family’ to get their pants down and kneel down with their tight asses towards him. They do as he says, and they lift up their suit jackets so that he can have a good look at them as they wait in eager anticipation.

Rafael gets behind Seth Santoro first and rims is asshole before everyone else’s. Seth moans out worth pleasure as he feels his tongue darting in and out of his tight hole. Rafael moves on to the other two and licks their asses until they drip with his spit.
The next scene is amazingly hot as Rafael lies down on a table Brenner sucks on his cock and Roman squats down behind him and eats out his asshole whilst Seth climbs up onto the table and sits down on Rafael’s face getting his own asshole rimmed even more by him. The room fills up with the sounds of excited men grunting with satisfying pleasure.

The fuck-fest starts and there is so much fucking of asses going on and in so many positions it has to be seen to be believed. Cum blasts everywhere at the very end with two great facials, and with cum-soaked, ravished bodies, and men kissing the hot spunk of each other’s good looking faces.
The ‘family’ is complete once more and the godfather is a happy man.
[Roman Todd has been is six flicks with Men.com and is a good looking young top with a seven inch cut cock. He is six foot one inch tall, has blonde hair and sky blue yes.
Seth Santoro is a hunky man full of muscle and this is his fifth flick for Men.com. He is a versatile man with a seven inch cut cock and has a tight firm ass. He has brown hair, brown eyes, is six foot one inch high and weighs 205 pounds.]

August 17th, 2015

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Cross Check (part 3) is made by Gaypornstarstube and shown to you via ‘Big Dicks At School.’ College days are the best days of our lives, people say, though not really for knuckling down and doing any actual work, it’s full of parties and sex, lots and lots of sex. It’s the time to find yourself, and other people like you go wild, live a little, and oh yes, did I mention it, have lots and lots of sex? This great hardcore series stars Rafael Alencar going through a part of his college life. He really knows how to enjoy himself and other people. In this episode he is joined by Paddy O´Brian and they have fun back in Rafael’s room after an accident.
Rafael and Paddy O´Brian at http://www.paddyobrianxxx.com/ are practicing their game outside on the grass when Rafael falls over and hurts his leg. Paddy panics and suggests he goes to hospital but Rafael refuses, knowing that it will be reported, he won’t be able to play in the next game, and that he could also lose his scholarship. He asks Paddy to help him back to his room. Once they are there, Paddy goes to leave the room but Rafael quickly asks him to help take his clothes off of him, which Paddy does and then goes to leave once more, and once more Rafael tries to change his mind.
pady obrian
Rafael lies on his bed, naked except for a white jockstrap, he looks up at Paddy who is still standing there in his games kit. Rafael smiles up at him as he strokes his cock through his jock. He tells Paddy he is hard for him and Rafael talks him round to staying, as he continues stroking his growing cock through the cotton material.

June 8th, 2015

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We all love the ‘Godfather’ movies. ‘Drill My Hole’ shows you a different side to what being a Godfather in the mafia could be all about, and it comes to us from gaypornstarstube.xxx of course. Being a Godfather means taking care of the family, making sure everyone is ok, and if they are not, it’s his job to help fix things. He demands respect and loyalty for making sure his family stay strong and wealthy thanks to him, but everything comes with a price for his help. The young men of the family have to do as he says or they are cast out. It comes in handy when you are young, fresh, and good looking and the Godfather is handsome and always horny. This gripping first episode of this hardcore series stars Seth Santoro and Rafael Alencar.

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Seth Santoro is the good looking Godson with an amazing body. He lives for his family; he respects them, and is loyal to them all. He has a big problem though; he wants justice after his brother has been wrongly accused of murder. The real culprit is the son of the Chief of Police, and he can’t get close enough to them to get his revenge. He has gone to his Godfather, Rafael Rafaelcar, to ask for his help. Rafael (The Godfather) takes his huge eleven and a half inch dick out of his pants and shows it to Seth. At the same time as he gives him an offer he can’t refuse. He tells Seth that he will do him this favour, but he has to show him his loyalty, Seth gets on his knees between Rafael’s legs and tells him it’d be an honour.
Seth looks at the huge cock right in front of his face; Rafael tells him to touch it, so he wraps his hand around it and slowly strokes it up and down, forcing the foreskin to roll over the thick ridge of his dickhead. Seth opens his hungry mouth and takes as much of it in his mouth as he can. He starts to suck it as Rafael takes his shirt off, showing off his wonderful, hard, muscular body.
Rafael gets Seth to kneel on top of an armchair and licks his smooth asshole. Seth moans in ecstasy as Rafael buries his tongue deep into his crack. Rafael smacks Seth’s hard ass making Seth moan out even louder.
Seth is then made to lie on his back and bring his knees up as far as possible until his asshole is facing the ceiling. Rafael gets between his legs again and carries on riming his wet ass for a while. He asks Seth if he’s ready to be a man and Seth replies, ‘Yes Godfather.’
With his ass still facing upwards towards the ceiling, Seth watches as his Godfather’s huge cock comes towards his wide open ass. He moans out as we watch every inch of Rafael’s big dick slip between those hard butt cheeks and invade, and stretch, his hole open even wider. Both men moan in unison as Rafael slides his cock in and out of Seth’s tight young crack.
They change positions and Rafael spoons his Godsons ass on the couch. Their panting gets quicker and deeper as Seth feels every inch of that big dick fucking his sweet ass. Seth Santoro can’t control himself any longer and grabbing his cock he jerks himself off and cums over his hot horny body.
Alencar gets Seth down between his legs for the last time as shoots streams of his hot spunk all over his Godson’s handsome face.
Seth has proved himself, and the story of justice can now begin.
Seth Santoro is pretty new to gaypornstarstube.xxx and has only been in one other flick as yet. This is ‘The Listener Part 3’, where he gets his tight ass fucked by Jarec Wentworth. He is a versatile young man with a seven inch cut cock. He is five foot eleven with brown hair, and innocent looking brown eyes.
Rafael has starred in twenty seven movies for gaypornstarstube.xxx, the most popular watched of his movies is ‘Prison Shower’, where over 168,000 of us saw Johnny Rapid getting his ass fucked by Rafael’s monster cock. Rafael is a versatile top with an amazing eleven and a half inch uncut cock. He is five foot eight inches tall and he has black hair and hazel eyes.

May 26th, 2015

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Braxton Bond cannot sleep. Instead of laying down and resting he goes out looking for men to sleep with. Braxton cannot sleep so he is up and walking around looking for some fun. He finds company in Rafael Alencar as he is relaxing in the park. Rafael is a good looking guy with brown hair and blue eyes. Best of all he has a huge cock. He also has a very round bottom. Braxton is not too bad himself. He has red hair, brown eye, a nice ass, and also a large cock. The men talk for a little and then they head back to Rafael’s place both very aware of what is about to happen. Rafael takes Braxton’s cock and puts it in his mouth.
As it turns out Braxton is a natural redhead. Rafael is not surprised that he has a huge cock and its fat as well. Braxton is naked in no time and Rafael plays which his cock and balls before taking his pants off as well. Braxton then returns the favor to Rafael. He begins to suck on his large cock making sure that it is all the way hard. The men head off to the bedroom where the action continues. Rafael takes a seat on Braxton’s face and puts his tongue way into his ass. He is doing this to make sure that it is nice and lubed up for what is about to come.
The action only gets hotter and more intense then here. Braxton puts his large cock all the way into Rafael who is willing and waiting for it. The men are going at it and Braxton is not taking it easy on Rafael. He is really ramming him. Rafael is tanned and Braxton is pale which makes the sex look even hotter. Braxton continues to give it to Rafael until he pulls his cock out and cums all over his back. Rafael is really to share his excitement as well. He lets his load go all over Braxton’s face. This sounds much more fun the staying in and going to sleep.

February 4th, 2015

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To be a decent porn star you have to be able to do a few things: get your dick hard when called for, shoot a load (the money shot) and be good to look at, as whatever genre or ‘type’ you happen to be. To be a great porn star you also need to have character and acting ability, but to my mind, to be a really, really great porn star you need to be natural in front of the camera and forget that it is there. I started watching this new scene from Str8 To Gay, titled ‘Cheating Husband, part 1’ and was interested to see how the new guy would do.

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The new guy here is called Rafael Alencar and he’s a good looking (twink category I suppose), bottom guy who stands five-eight tall and has green eyes, and a seven and a half inch cut cock. Okay, so we’ve seen a lot of cute guys come along and make a scene for porn sites and then never be seen again, and I think that’s because they don’t have all those things that you need to be a really, really great porn star; and let’s face it, there’s so much porn around these days we demand greatness from our models. But, watching young Alencar in his debut movie, I reckon we have the makings of a great star here. Right from the start he is natural, and I mean in his acting alongside experienced hand Tony Hunter, the other sexy reason to check out this movie. So, if his acting in the intro is good, I wonder how he’s going to make out while making out in the sexier part of the scene.

It’s a pretty simple task he’s been given; he’s a masseur and Tony is his client. Tony, the straight guy, was hoping for a chick so he could get deep tissue and that all important ‘happy ending’, as he calls it. Rafael tells him he can do that for him and so, after a little reluctance, Tony Hunter agrees. That only takes one minute so you’re not waiting long for the hands on skin action. And that action lasts for several minutes where Rafael slowly massages Tony Hunter, all the time tweaking his towel down a little, so we start to see Tony’s cute rump coming into view. And all the while we’re fantasising about how it would be to have this sexy young guy do just this to our back and legs, and then backside, where he gets his thumbs dug deep into Tony’s Forza’s smooth ass cheeks.

Tony turns over, as directed, and there’s his eight inch cut cock just lying there. It’s too much for Rafael to resist so, after a while, he starts work on that ‘happy ending’, slowly with his hands and then slowly with his mouth, deep-throating it and licking it as we get in really close, between Tony’s legs at times so nothing is missed. This slow cock sucking soon leads to some harder face fucking as the straight guys fucks Rafael’s mouth hard and fast, his nuts hanging low and swinging beneath. Those nuts are very soon tight and risen up as Tony Hunter plunges his dick into the on-screen virgin ass of Alencar. And here’s where the natural playing comes in; these two guys lose themselves in the acting, forget the cameras are there and we get a perfectly natural fuck scene, with full on sound that runs on for a great long time.

It’s Rafael who gets the deep treatment now with Tony Hunter fucking his ass with his eight inch dick, and then getting his face splashed with straight guy cum. It’s a really hot scene and Rafael brings himself off at the end. I reckon we’re going to see a lot more of this natural young performer and next time we do, I’d like to see more of his dick in action. His ass is hot, make no mistake, but he’s left us wanting more which is, after all, a very good thing.

January 12th, 2015

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‘The Bodyguard’ stays with the very British theme of master and servant as we revisit the upper class establishments of the British ruling classes. There are a few things here that are stiffer than a stiff upper lip though and the first sight we get is of the adorable Rafael Alencar in a very smart outfit arriving at the ‘Downton’ of the porn world, some grand home in England. So, what’s this all about then? Well, if you missed it, ‘The Bodyguard’ was a pastiche of ‘Downton Abbey’, the hit UK TV series and here at ‘Men Of UK’ they are continuing the story. Previously the new lord of the manor had called for his old valet, who was not that old actually, and it turned out that the two of them had a past life together. Okay, and so here we have the lush and totally beddable Rafael arriving as a visiting grandee, dapper and well turned out.

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Rafael is soon served by the exquisitely dressed and incredibly horny to see in a footman’s outfit, Daniel Johnson. Now then, we have not seen Daniel since 2013, so it’s great that Men.com have got him back and have used him again. Blonde hair, blue eyes, six foot two tall, strapping, handsome, eight inch cock, uncut and a top, he’s well matched up against Rafael , the slightly more experienced porn star; brown hair, blue eyes, six foot tall and with an eight inch cut cock. Both have these great British accents and cute boy-ish looks and there’s some neat acting too as Rafael tries to teach the footman to dance. This tango lesson soon leads to a dance of a more intimate nature as class barriers fall away and the handsome lord kisses the handsome footman. Upstairs the socially ordered brain of the upper class lord is saying no, this isn’t right, but downstairs in his pants his dick is telling him something else.

The boys move to the couch and the heavy petty continues, turning ere long into some dirty talk and a slow undressing of the master. The footman, James, soon whips the master’s masterful cock from his dress pants, but not before a long teasing exploration of every inch of the bulge through his black tight fitting trousers. Alencar orders his servant to stick his tongue out and start licking his long shaft and then he starts to invade the footman’s privacy with it, deep throating him a while. The guys soon strip off their trousers, amid more kissing and dirty talk, and sucking, and Pau gets Daniel Johnson bent over forward on the plush so he can open up his ass and lube it up ready for some hard dick-work pounding. That kicks in, after some nice ass cheek slapping, at around 13 minutes in, and the usual top, Daniel Johnson, sounds like he’s having trouble taking Rafael’s full length.

But the master is not paying attention to his growls and complaints, this boys’ ass is here to be used and Alencar pounds away on Daniel Johnson’s ass long and deep and hard as the top-turned-bottom calls and grunts and complains, his heavy balls hanging low as Alencar mounts him from behind. Settling into the feeling, he then sits on Rafael’s cock and his own is nicely flaccid and heavy, long and slapping around, with blonde pubes on show, this section makes for really horny viewing. In fact the whole scene does, both guys are stunning and sexy and cute, and when they finally let go their loads it’s noisy as both eight inch cocks spew out and footman Daniel Johnson gets wet as the master’s dirty talk carries on into the final fade.

December 16th, 2014

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A man is walking alone at night. The streetlights cast his shadow on the path ahead but barely light the darkness under the trees. And in that darkness, shrouded by shadows, stands a younger man, nervously watching and waiting. He watches as the older guy approaches and he knows what is going to happen. They guys face each other and talk and the younger man, Rafael Alencar, moves into light so his youthful features can be seen by the older, Colby Jansen.

Colby need to let go some sexual frustrations, the Rafael Tube agrees to help but they guys have to walk away apart; no one must know the kind of things that Colby gets up to after dark. He takes his Streetwalker back to his hotel and orders him to get naked. Rafael does as he is told but there is a certain amount of nervousness involved, you wonder if he has done this kind of thing before. He sits on the bed, stroking his cock to get it hard and Colby comes back, taking his boy into the bathroom. The younger guys unzips his jeans, takes out his manly cock and starts to work on relieving some of that stress using his mouth, as a slow sensuous suck session starts.

Starts and progresses, and lasts a lovely long time. Eventually though Colby decides it’s time for some ass and he orders his streetwalker to sit on his cock. Rafael sits on it and his cute little ass opens up to take the length. He’s doing what a good little boy of the night should do, pleasing his punter, teasing his trick with his soft ass and bouncing up and down in it to get the full feeling of Colby’s long length drilling into him. Then the boy gets bent over and fucked from behind, Colby slapping his ass as he doggies him fast and noisily; big muscled man drilling twink ass facing the mirror, flesh against flesh.

He lets his boy of the night lie on his back and jerk his own dick as he drills that ass, until Rafael can’t hold back and spews his cum out over his stomach. Colby cums soon after, shooting his man-jizz onto Rafael’s tattooed chest, finally getting rid of that pent up tension and then quickly dismissing his boy, sending him away into the night.

This is another hot scene from Drill My Hole and sees one of its most popular exclusive models, Colby, teamed up with one of its most popular non-exclusive models, Rafael. It’s a nice mix of older younger too.

October 27th, 2014

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It’s been a little while since we have had a new movie from Gods Of Men, but here we’ve got The Black Room, and it features one of Men.com’s biggest cocks. This mighty meat is attached to the rather sexy Rafael Alencar who you might remember from ‘My neighbour’s son’, ‘The Limo Driver’ and ‘The Bodyguard.’ He tends to make one-off movies from the company rather than appearing in series, and so far he has made 23 appearances. That works out at just over 22 feet of cock on show, because Rafael sports at 11.5 inch monster, but that is only one of the reasons he is so popular. The others have to do with his looks, his body and his ability to pump out a magical hardcore scene every time.

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He is in the Black Room with a new guy, Saxon West. That’s a great name, Saxon has red hair and, well, Saxon looks, and he sports at eight and a half inch cut cock that stands out proud from his red, though here shaved, pubes. Like a lot of guys these days he has some tats, as does Rafael, and he is fit and chunky.

The scene starts off straight away, there is no build up to this new Gods Of Men fantasy. We are in a dark room and Saxon walks up to Rafael and they start kissing. I have to say, I have been in some back rooms in my time and this is one of the lighter dark/black/back rooms I’ve encountered, which is just as well as we get to see everything. Saxon is down on Rafael’s huge dick before you can say ‘swallow that length’ and he is more than able to satisfy the full length of it. The guys strip down and we pan out a little to reveal candles, the source of the light and the fact that this dark room resembles some kind of shrine; a shrine to the gods of men of course.

The guys start on the anal, with Rafael riming the cute ass of Saxon before teasing it with his cock. Saxon is clearly used to big and wide, though even so the force of that great cock opening up his hole makes him, and us, gasp as, at around 12 minutes in, the fuck session starts in earnest. There are some great moments where Rafael pulls out completely and then dives back into that ass again, and where Saxon’s smooth white butt is getting drilled from underneath. He is stroking his own impressive cock while he’s being fucked and eventually unloads his jizz onto Rafael’s body.

It’s all done with natural sound and that lends an atmosphere that’s intimate and sexy, though things do get slightly louder when Rafael empties his over-full nuts all over Saxon’s face. This red guy is going to be bottom to keep an eye on.

June 26th, 2014

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Baby-faced model Jack Radley is one of Men dot com’s newest models, newest and exclusive models I should say. The only have eight exclusive guys out of their model list of 452, but all of these guys know what they are doing. The model list is also a nice mix of guys with some twinks and jocks and then some older, harder guys as well. American actors and British all appear on the sites and you get all kinds of hot bodies and with nicely hung dicks attached. As is the case of Rafael Alencar who must be one of the biggest models in the cock department with his amazing 11.5 inch dick. So, put together sweet and ‘boy next door’ Jack with horse hung and hunky, older man Rafael and you’ve got the makings of a great video.

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Which is what we have here at Str8 To Gay, the site where straight characters get to ball with gay ones in exclusive scenes and, in this case, with at least one exclusive model. My Neighbor’s Son gives us a story, as all good porn movies should do. In this case it sets up Rafael as the neighbor of Dirk whose son literally is the boy next door. Dirk sets Jack up with a gardening job for Rafael and though neither of them is that bothered, the deal is done. Jack waits as Rafael goes to change and then he starts getting bored so he wanders around the house being nosey and where he stumbles upon his older neighbour undressing.

And then the fun really starts as the gay boy next door starts to help the straight neighbor to undress, and then helps him to get off. The sight of sweet little Jack managing that monster dick is great, he really has to stretch his mouth to accommodate it, and Rafael Alencar really punishes his lips with it as both guys get naked. Things start to get even hotter with the sight of Jack naked, face down on the bed sucking on that cock and showing off his smooth little butt at the same time, and they get ever more sizzling. Around 12 minutes in Jack gets to yell out as he gets invaded by that might cock, and it’s not only long but fat and stretches his hole right up.
Even better: Jack’s shaved his cock and balls and when he sits on Rafael’s cock and bounces up and down you get a wonderful vision of smooth twink boy being drilled by hunky older man. That cock stabs him and things get heatedly brutal towards the end when Jack desperate with pain and pleasure cums noisily while the neighbor is still pumping his as. There’s another messy shoot from the other, dark, heavy cock to finish off his amazing hardcore scene from a top site. (The last shot of Jack walking away will make you smile.) Like gay pornstar videos ? click here to try GayPornstarsTube.xxx

May 7th, 2014

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