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Cross Check (part 3) is made by Gaypornstarstube and shown to you via ‘Big Dicks At School.’ College days are the best days of our lives, people say, though not really for knuckling down and doing any actual work, it’s full of parties and sex, lots and lots of sex. It’s the time to find yourself, and other people like you go wild, live a little, and oh yes, did I mention it, have lots and lots of sex? This great hardcore series stars Rafael Alencar going through a part of his college life. He really knows how to enjoy himself and other people. In this episode he is joined by Paddy O´Brian and they have fun back in Rafael’s room after an accident.
Rafael and Paddy O´Brian at http://www.paddyobrianxxx.com/ are practicing their game outside on the grass when Rafael falls over and hurts his leg. Paddy panics and suggests he goes to hospital but Rafael refuses, knowing that it will be reported, he won’t be able to play in the next game, and that he could also lose his scholarship. He asks Paddy to help him back to his room. Once they are there, Paddy goes to leave the room but Rafael quickly asks him to help take his clothes off of him, which Paddy does and then goes to leave once more, and once more Rafael tries to change his mind.
pady obrian
Rafael lies on his bed, naked except for a white jockstrap, he looks up at Paddy who is still standing there in his games kit. Rafael smiles up at him as he strokes his cock through his jock. He tells Paddy he is hard for him and Rafael talks him round to staying, as he continues stroking his growing cock through the cotton material.

June 8th, 2015

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November 8th, 2013

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