By | December 3, 2001

Positions change again and somehow, someway, Rafael is able to sit on Ty’s nine and a half inch cock. The fun begins anew as our hunky guys try one position after another, trying to find out which way allows that nine and a half inch cock to go in as deep as it can. The fun is in the trying! After the longest time we are finally treated to a couple of powerful climaxes as our hunks let loose and their jizz flows freely. Rafael is one sticky mess, and Ty has completely forgotten about the script they had been studying.

Jace can’t help it as he shoots his load of jizz all over Rafael’s body and face. Meanwhile, Rafael pulls out and aims his dick straight at Jace’s open mouth. Some jizz goes in Jace’s mouth, but a lot runs over his lips and down onto his chest – Jace just licks his lips in pleasure. Their moans seems to have attracted the attention of someone. Are they about to get caught with their pants down? Or will they have enough time to get dressed and be gone before getting caught? If you want to know how this story works out in the end, head on over to Men Of UK and check out Cruising: Episode 2 and watch it yourself. You will be so glad you did.

On good turn deserves another and Rick gets to rum on Rafael’s ass. Rafael gets some slow and deep fucking in the sitting room in the hottest positions possible. The new guy is definitely a good bang and with Rick in the picture, this is one of the most impressive first time performances. In this series, they include all the right noises to get you hooked. You hear the sounds of flesh slapping as well as groans and gasping. To wrap things up, Rafael cums as he is still being fucked and Ricky shoots his load all over Rafael’s body. It is obvious that we will be seeing much more of the new guy in more hardcore movies.

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