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Vance Crawford and Jesse Dean were working out in the gym together, both admiring the other man’s physique. Alencar struts in and begins his workout and both men turn their attention to him. Of course, with Alencar in the room things are going to turn nasty and in a mere matter of minutes both men are asking to see his cock. He obliges and all three head to the weight bench. Eventually, all three men are getting their cocks super hard so they can show off and have a nice three way. The next thing you know, Alencar is shoving his cock into each man’s face, allowing them to suck on it. He shoves it so deep that it tickles their tonsils and practically makes them choke because of its massive size. Then he shoves his cock into their asses and he presses hard. All three men take turns going at it from both ends until they are all exhausted. They definitely got their workout that day, but not in the way you might think.

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February 7th, 2014

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